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Jersey Opera House Studio  - February 2020

Emma’s been seeing Darren. She thinks she’s in love. Her boss thinks she’s in breach of contract. The situation needs to be resolved…

Contractions is an ink-black comedy about the boundaries between work and play. The play premiered at the Royal Court Theatre on 29th May 2008. It was developed from an earlier radio play, Love Contract, first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 2007.

Contractions questions what people might willingly surrender for job security, and how much humanity one can really trade for profitability. This mordant satire is a sharp and near-plausible look at the effects of eroding privacy on Emma, whose personal life comes under increasingly uncomfortable scrutiny.


The proceedings begin amusingly enough, with the manager drawing Emma's attention to the firm's contractual definition of what constitutes a romantic or sexual relationship. But the temperature grows steadily more chilling as she quizzes the girl about her private relationship with a co-worker, Darren.

' In this dark two-hander Kennedy's subtlety as an actor really shone through...'

'Richards was chillingly dispassionate as the Manager...her ability to pair comic timing with such sinister intonation was truly hypnotising'

'Meticulously and sensitively directed by Alice Bravery'

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Jersey Opera House Studio  - February 2019

Two actors. Fourteen characters. One pub. A deeply poignant yet hilarious comedy about life, love and the human condition told over one night in a pub in the north of England. What will you be having then?

Two premieredat the Octagon Theatre, Bolton in 1989 before transferring to The Young Vic, London where it won the Manchester Evening News Best New Play Award.

'A sharply, salty, quick fire evocation of the surface gaiety and underlying melancholia of English pub life.' Michael Billington, Guardian

'This extraordinarily gifted and original voice...populates the space with broad humour, dry wit and often shudderingly and moving poetry.' Time Out

Two is a mixture of heart-wrenching moments and sweetly sentimental storylines and thanks to the emotional energy that Richards and Butler expend on stage, they portray all their characters in a wholly convincing manner…Two deserves at least four stars and – if you haven’t seen it yet your full attention.Jersey Evening Post

 "Can recommend this fabulously woven tapestry of drama that is profound in its array of characters. Well done Niki, the rest of the team and of course to Rhona and Terry for bringing a great performance to the stage."

"Two’ was awesome tonight. Really funny, really moving, really fab. Well done to all involved (Rhona Richards, Terry Butler, Mike and Niki Perchard) ...If you haven’t got your tickets, get them quick......don’t miss out! What a roller coaster of emotions!"

"Just seen this fantastic play. Great performance by both Rhona Richards and Terry Butler. On until Sat at the Opera House ,really recommend it"

"Wow, what a rollercoaster!! You certainly filled the stage...

Fantastic characters, convincingly played out and memorably emotional. Bravo Rhona Richards, Terry Butler and Dexter Kelly!! We LOVED it"

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